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Does Microsoft Still Have a Big Influence On Seattle's Eastside?

Does Microsoft still have a positive affect on Seattle’s eastside?  Yes!  Microsoft still has a huge impact on the eastside.

The map below shows only some of the eastside campuses:


Recently, the news  has focused more on layoffs.  There are a number of people who have been laid off and are struggling, which is truly unfortunate.  This post is not an attempt to minimize what those who are without jobs are going through, but to focus on the strong influence Microsoft still has on Seattle’s eastside.

There’s little  said about the increase in the number of Microsofties on Seattle’s eastside since 2007. There are now over 40,000 employees in the area.  Back in 2007, there were just over 35,000.  Imagine the impact these additional 5,000 employees and their families have on the eastside economy and quality of life.  Imagine the impact of 40,000 people on the local economy.  Since 2007, these five thousand more people are renting or buying homes, going out to eat, buying goods at stores and using local services.

Microsoft has had a huge impact on the real estate in the surrounding neighborhoods.  The Bellevue and Redmond neighborhoods near Microsoft have consistently performed better than any other area on Seattle’s eastside. The number of homes that sell compared to the number that are for sale, the absorption rate,  is almost always the strongest on the eastside.  Most every month of the past few years, the Microsoft area of Redmond and Bellevue has had more homes selling when compared to the number for sale.

Does this make this area more expensive?

No, not by a long shot.  The good news is there’s been a huge benefit to the whole eastside because of Microsoft and there are homes in most price ranges in the area.

The least expensive home in Bellevue is on the market for $227,000.  The most expensive Bellevue home is a waterfront property on Lake Sammamish for $4,250,000.  Most of the homes in the area are priced under $500,000.  Most homes for sale right now, almost 1/2, fall into the $300-500,000 price range.

These 40,000 jobs help keep our economy and our real estate market going, even with the lay offs.  The real estate market is still challenging, but homes are still selling.  Clearly, the competition is tougher for the sellers right now as pricing and condition are everything.  This very realistic real estate market should continue for a year or so.

The eastside, particularly near Microsoft, should fare better than many other parts of the country as the economy improves.  People will continue to move in and out of the area for jobs.

What do you think?