Are We Seeing The Number of Homes On The Market in King County Dropping?

King County Real Estate For Sale

Number of King County Homes for Sale 11-29-10

It’s easy to see that King County real estate is following the national trend right now. There are fewer homes on the market than just a few weeks ago and, definitely, from a few months ago.  The peak of the competition was back in the last week of July when there were 14,639 homes on the market.

This week, we’re about ready to cross the line below 12,000 homes for sale with the number standing at 12,119.  The number of King County homes for sale should drop back below 12,000 by next week or the week after.   Plan on it.

It would be great to get back below the the 10,000 mark as we did back at the beginning of this year.

Many people think this time of year isn’t a good time to sell a home.  With the lower number of homes for sale, meaning less competition for buyers, what do you think?

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Have We Reached This Year's Peak in King County Homes For Sale?

Did we hit the peak a couple of weeks ago when the number of homes for sale in King County, WA hit 14,198?

King County Real Estate for Sale

Number of King County, WA Homes for Sale, 7-06-10

There are a lot of homes for sale in King County Washington right now, although the number may be beginning to drop if this year follows typical patterns.  The peak may have been the week of June 28th. In 2009, King County reached the peak of inventory, homes for sale at the end of July.  Typically, there are more homes for sale during the summer and this year follows that typical pattern.

Since the beginning of the year, there have only been 6 weeks when the number of homes for sale dropped.  This past week, 277 homes came off the market, which is one of the biggest declines in homes for sale.  The next several weeks will determine whether we have reached the peak in the number of King County homes for sale as rarely does the peak not fall during the summer months.

What’s happening in your area?  Is the inventory of homes for sale at a high point in the year?

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The First Big Decline in Homes for Sale in King County Washington

Twelve days ago I wrote a post that King County properties for sale was rapidly heading up to the 2009 high.  Just last week we were within 300+ homes/condos of the 2009 peak, which stands at 13,861.  There 13,515 homes/condos for sale in King County that week.

This week we see the first big decline, with a drop of 570 properties.  The number is back below 13,000, at 12, 946.

Phew, I was just beginning to wonder if we were going to surpass 2009’s real estate totals in the Seattle area.  We may, as 2010  is still young, but it’s a breath of fresh air in the real estate market to see a drop in inventory (the number of homes and condos for sale).  Sales have been brisk as many buyers were anxious to buy a home in the Seattle area before the expiration of the 2010 tax credit, which could explain the decline in inventory.

The next few weeks will be interesting.  Normally the number of homes for sale does increase in the summer months in Seattle, but I’m wondering if a lot of sellers put their home on the market earlier this year to capture the activity with the 2010 home buyers’ credit.

Do you think the numbers will increase as we head into the summer?

Number of properties for sale in King County

King County Washington Properties for Sale, 5-3-10

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The Number of King County WA's Properties For Sale is Climbing

The number of properties for sale in King County Washington is climbing. The total took a big jump over the last few weeks when 783 properties came up for sale.  Since January when the year started with 9726 King County properties for sale, the numbers have gone up by 28%.  Right now, the total is just 452 shy of the highest number of properties on the market in 2009. The big difference in 2010 is sales activity is going strong and beating 2009 numbers by a huge margin in all areas. Some Seattle neighborhoods, like Queen Anne, are seeing multiple offers.   In the area where I work,  Seattle’s eastside, has had double and triple digit increases in home and condo sales.

The increasing number of listings may change that some in the coming months.  I’ll be watching the real estate sales numbers and keep you posted.

Chart Showing the Weekly Number of King County Properties for Sale

King County Properties For Sale

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