Local news and informationSeattle July 26, 2010

Seattle is #2 Of The Ten Best Places to Live Over the Next Decade

Seattle Rocks!   Seattle is the second best place to live in the country, according to Kiplinger’s. It’s because we’re smart!

Sunset Views of Seattle

Seattle Sunset From Across Lake Washington

Kiplinger’s study had an important tenet when evaluating cities.  The top cities included smart people, great ideas, and collaboration.

After researching and visiting our 2010 Best Cities, it became clear that the innovation factor has three elements. Mark Emmert, president of the University of Washington in Seattle, put his finger on two of them: smart people and great ideas. But we’d argue that it’s the third element — collaboration — that really supercharges a city’s economic engine. When governments, universities and business communities work together, the economic vitality is impressive.

This is a hub of innovation as the home of Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and Expedia are among many strong innovators in the Seattle area.  The economy, the schools, the natural beauty with lakes, mountains, and Puget Sound

Ferries crossing Puget Sound with Mt Rainier in the background

Mt. Rainier, the Bremerton Ferry, and Puget Sound

are all draws to the area.

Did I mention Seattle is within driving distance to three national parks?  Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, and The North Cascades National Park.

Did I also mention that the fresh food and produce available in the N0rthwest is fabulous?

Northwest Berries at Pike Place Market

Fresh Berries at Pike Place Market