Bellevue, WA August 20, 2010

There's A Lot of Green Close to Downtown Bellevue WA

Bellevue, WA is  “hot!”   The city is showing up on lists for the best schools, best places to live, and it’s a neighbor of Seattle, one of the top places in the next decade. It’s clear Bellevue has a lot to offer.  It’s got the economic vitality coupled with the beauty of lakes, the surrounding mountains, and wonderful green areas.  Here’s a video of a walk in The Mercer Slough, a green area smack dab in the middle of Bellevue.  (You can hear some road noise so you can tell you’re surrounded by greenery, but still in the city.  Mercer Slough also has guided walks available on Saturday afternoons.

So even though the city ends up on a lot of “top” lists, it’s great to see some green maintained in the heart of the city.  Take a walk down there and check it out.  It’s a beautiful piece of nature for all to enjoy.