Real EstateReal Estate Marketing September 13, 2010

I'm Looking for a Tech Savvy Realtor in South Carolina

I’m looking for a Realtor in South Carolina, the Greer/Greenville area, to be exact. My mother-in-law is moving and I need a Realtor to sell her home.

Last week, I contacted a Realtor from a Realtor network I belong to, Certified Residential Specialists. When referrals are made through the CRS network, they are by phone or email, since the referral is to an area outside of Seattle.  Rarely, do we meet the other agents.  I’ve made many referrals over the years and had good luck as the agents with the CRS designation.  They are long time agents who have had additional training and sell a certain numbers of homes each year, which means they’re experienced.

Since I was in South Carolina, I asked that this agent bring market statistics and her marketing plan to our meeting.  The agent came armed with 3 pieces of paper, one was a chart showing me her company sold the most homes in the area, and the other two had brief, very brief, information about the sales activity of the homes in the area.  Statistics? None.  Marketing plan? Zip.  Market analysis?  Nada

I asked her about her marketing plan and heard newspaper and real estate magazine advertising.  I told her to  spend her money on the internet and professional marketing, including professional photos.  No response to the professional photography.    I did hear the usual, though, the listing would be on the company website, but I did not get much more.

I asked that she send me the complete listing information and photos of each of the homes included in her short list of homes. She assured me she would.  Since it’s been two weeks since I met her, I doubt I will be getting that information. So she’s out.

We then contacted a personal referral who is a Realtor and also a CRS.  However, she is having some surgery in the next few weeks so is not taking on any new business.  We’re going to try another Realtor from a second personal referral next.

I turned to the internet. I’ve been online checking the local agents’ presence on the internet.  I’m looking for how the agents market homes.   I don’t bother to check the listings and agents who don’t use multiple photos when marketing a property.  However, I’m finding that with multiple photos, most are just plain awful.  Photos are dark, sometimes showing too much clutter, and don’t show the full room.  Finding the agent who uses professional photos might be like finding that one in a million.

Since I belong to some real estate networks on, that’s my next stop.

Here’s what I’m looking for when I’m hiring a Realtor:

  • Someone who knows the market and has statistics to back their information.
  • Someone who completes a professional market analysis and gives me realistic information on pricing.
  • A strong internet presence on multiple websites: A company website,, google, Zillow, Propsmart, Craig’s List, Oodle, etc.  Dedicated website for the home.
  • Video or tour of the home.
  • Photos, video, or tours of the local sites and the town.
  • Homes that are marketed when looking terrific, decluttered and staged
  • Professional photography
  • Nice property brochures with color photos
  • Open houses, only if they work in the area
  • Other creative marketing ideas
  • Communicate with me on a weekly basis.  I’d like an update on showings and the local real estate market.  I’d like to know if the competition has changed.  Has a competing home come on the market, reduced its price or sold?

This is the very level of service my mother-in-law should be getting.

Does anyone know a good Realtor in that area who can provide this service?  Any ideas on how to find someone?