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Is Your Seattle-Eastside Home Ready to be on the "Hot" List?

The last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time helping soon-to-be home sellers get their homes ready for the market. I’ve spent time creating lists of cosmetic/structural items that need to be done to make a home market ready.  I’ve recommended reliable contractors. I’ve helped to pick out paint colors, carpets, tile, vinyl, light fixtures, and then some, so people can do the updates necessary to get their home sold.

updates samples to improve a  home

Color, carpet and tile samples

My car is on auto-pilot and assumes its heading to the Lowe’s or Home Depot in Bellevue each day!

Sometimes I think I should add interior decorator and project manager to my title.  My business card says I’m a Realtor, but more often than not, I’m a decorator/project manager.

Seriously, this is a big part of my job and is one of the most important ways I can help sellers make the most money when selling a home.  Recently, I’ve written some posts about how there’s a “hot” market and a “not” market on Seattle’s eastside.  The homes that make it into the “hot” market are those that have been updated, staged, and photographed and look their best when out there on the market. These homes are market ready and look fabulous from day one.  Nobody gets in to see these homes until the list of work is completed.

For most people, it’s work to get to the point where they are in the “hot” category.  Most home sellers need a few weeks or months to get ready to sell.  Some people even call me a year ahead, which is smart move.  These people can then take their time to get their home ready.  There’s no rush.  But more often than not, I get the call a few weeks or months before the move.  I’m okay with that time frame, but are you?  Can you get your home ready for the market in just weeks or months?

Pick up the phone and call if you’re thinking of selling in the next year and want to be one of the “hot” homes.