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Does a 5 Piece Master Bath Increase A Home's Value?

You know what a 5 piece bath is, it has 5 pieces.  These 5 pieces are easily (think Jack Nicholson) identifiable as a shower, bathtub, 2 sinks, and a toilet.  The 5 piece master bath is expected in a certain style, age, and price range of a home in the Seattle eastside real estate market.

Here’s why I’m asking the question: My client and his wife are thinking of adding a wine cellar to their home.  The only place a wine cellar would fit is in the main floor laundry room.  The laundry would then need to move upstairs and be relocated to the master bath.  The laundry could easily fit in the master bath in place of the soaking tub.  I know it would be done well as everything these people do only adds quality and character to the home.

They bought a home built in the 1990’s that would be priced in today’s market for over $650,000.  It’s a nice two story home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths located in Bellevue.  The master has a 5 piece bath, which is a typical feature of this caliber of home.

The home owners never use the soaking tub and think it’s wasted space. I hear this from a lot of buyers.  The master bath looks more elegant with the tub, but the tub is rarely, if ever, used.  I bet you know a lot people who don’t use their tubs, but take showers instead.

Master Bath Tub

Do you think a tub is needed for utility, looks, as an amenity?

Does it decrease the value of the home if there’s no tub in the master bath?

Would you choose to not buy a home of this caliber if there was no master bath tub?

Is it important for a home to keep the typical and expected features, such as 5 piece baths in a certain style of home?  

What would you recommend?  Would you suggest the home owners pursue this plan and add a wine cellar, take out the the soaking tub in the master bath and put the washer and dryer in its place?  

I’m interested in hearing what you think.  I’ll let you know what I think in another post.  Stay tuned.