For BuyersReal Estate July 5, 2011

Are You Looking For Good Contractors to Help You With Your Seattle-Eastside Home?

Are you looking for good people?  Good people are hard to find.   I‘ve got good people, good people who can help you take care of your home.   Recently, my real estate networking group created a huge list of good contractors for almost anything and everything to do with a home.

As an example, do  you have any of the following?     

  • got stumps to grind (not an ax), but stumps in your yard
  • got an oil tank?
  • got mold?
  • got moles?
  • Got pests?  (The four legged critter kind)?

Do you need the following?

  • A sewer scope?
  • Septic system checked or pumped?
  • dock permit?
  • Well driller?
  • Security system?
  • Estate salesperson?
  • garage salesperson?
  • Granite installer?
  • painter?
  • roofer?
  • Furnace technician?
  • Garage door fixed?
  • Concrete installer?

I have the person(s) for you. Having connections helps me, and you, a lot.  Between my personal experience with a number of contractors and my connections to other Realtors and past clients who have great recommendations, I have the list of good people for you and your home!

Contact me if you’ve got a problem or need a service, I have good people for you!  By the way, if you know good people, feel free to send them my way.  I’m always happy to add to the list.