Real EstateReal Estate Marketing October 18, 2011

Our Blog/Website has a New Look!

Brooks and I see ourselves as real estate advisors, not sales people.  We spend a lot of my time consulting with our clients about how best to update and remodel their homes so they can get the best price when selling.

Updating and remodeling a home is a hot topic these days.  This is why TV shows such as Extreme Makeover have been so successful.   I hear from my niece, who works on reality TV shows in Los Angeles, there are make-over shows for all kinds of things.

The reality is lots of things in our lives besides our homes need an update, even if there isn’t a reality TV show about it.  Sometimes we need a personal overhaul: new haircut, new clothes, new weight, new job, new hobbies, etc, etc.  I’ve done the new haircut, lost weight, and purchased the new clothes over the last few years and I don’t plan to change jobs in the near future.

However, I needed internet professionals to advise me to update my website/blog.  It was something on my “to-do” list, but I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it.   What I needed was a professional to get me moving on this, much like our clients need some direction updating their homes.  They need a real estate professional to encourage them through the process.  I needed someone to give me the push to update the site and get this task off my “to-do” list.

The site is still a work in progress as we continue to add things.  We hope you like the new “do,” the new look.  We’ve even updated our photos!

The Old Look


The Old Photo


Thanks to Drew Meyers, the iron man of Virtual Results and the Geek Estate blog and special thanks to Brandon Matson of bizgarden for handling all the details and educating us on our new site.