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It’s A Great Time in Seattle To Get Your Camera and Take Photos of Your Yard

I love this time of year in Seattle. I was out taking pictures of my yard the other day.  Even if it's gray outside, which it often is, the flowers, the plantings and all the trees look just gorgeous.  My yard is starting to look its best.  Your yard is probably looking great, too.  The fresh growth on the plants and trees and the flowers make such a beautiful backdrop for a home this time of year.  Even if you don't have a lot of flowers, the fresh green colors still look terrific, so don't overlook your shrubs and trees.


Now think of your yard and how it looks in November. There's no comparison.  It's obvious  how wonderful everything looks compared to how the exterior of your home and yard look in November.

Don't waste this opportunity. Take time to snap some photos of your home and your yard.  You'll have them available whenever you sell your home.  In today's world, the online photos of your home are the first thing most buyers see.  If the photos are great, there's a far better chance that a buyer will come see your home.

And don't forget to take pictures of your deck.  Most of us don't have our patio furniture out in November so now is your chance.

Remember, you could sell some day in the throes of a deep and dark November!  I'm sure you'd rather use photos of your yard taken in June than in November. You can always use great shots of your landscaping no matter the time of year you might be selling your home.

Happy picture taking!