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Have We Reached This Year's Peak in King County Homes For Sale?

Did we hit the peak a couple of weeks ago when the number of homes for sale in King County, WA hit 14,198?

King County Real Estate for Sale

Number of King County, WA Homes for Sale, 7-06-10

There are a lot of homes for sale in King County Washington right now, although the number may be beginning to drop if this year follows typical patterns.  The peak may have been the week of June 28th. In 2009, King County reached the peak of inventory, homes for sale at the end of July.  Typically, there are more homes for sale during the summer and this year follows that typical pattern.

Since the beginning of the year, there have only been 6 weeks when the number of homes for sale dropped.  This past week, 277 homes came off the market, which is one of the biggest declines in homes for sale.  The next several weeks will determine whether we have reached the peak in the number of King County homes for sale as rarely does the peak not fall during the summer months.

What’s happening in your area?  Is the inventory of homes for sale at a high point in the year?