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Eastside Real Estate Condos After a big jump in condo inventory back in May on Seattle's Eastside, the number of condos for sales continues to slowly creep up.  Pending condo sales were up slightly each of the past few months, but seemed to have peaked back in the spring.  Still, over 50% of the condos sold last month. The […]
Eastside Real Estate A Healthy Market for Condo Sales in July on Seattle’s Eastside Seattle Eastside Condo sales are still strong with 60% of the available condos selling in July.  The average market time was 29 days and median pricing was about the same as last year, $270,000.  The most active month so far this year was back in April, when 95% of the condos for sale sold!  It's […]
Eastside Real Estate Seattle Eastside Condo Sales Remain Steady in June   Numbers have been holding more steady in the last couple of months for Seattle Eastside Condo sales as the pattern is not all that different from May to June.  Although, slightly more condos were for sale and slightly fewer sold in June. In June 63% of the condos sold.  Median pricing for condos stood […]
Eastside Real Estate Is Summer The Busiest Time for Real Estate on Seattle’s Eastside? No matter how many times people hear the market is the most active in the spring, many people think summer is the busiest time.   Summer is still a great time to sell, but now that we're into an absolutely fabulous July, buyers often join friends and family for weekend outings.  It can cause the activity […]
Eastside Real Estate A Slight Shift in The Condo Market on Seattle’s Eastside? Has there been a shift in the Seattle Eastside condominium market? What could be a shift is shown by the big jump in inventory to 375 available condos from 288 in April and the slight decline in sales over the last couple of months.  Seattle Eastside condo sales are still fabulous, although more condos sold […]
Eastside Real Estate Seattle Eastside Homes Are Still Moving Well!   I was talking with a fellow Realtor earlier today who commented on a home that had taken a long time to sell and it was only on the market for 18 days!   Since every home with a "for Sale" sign in front of it sold in a heartbeat during the first quarter of […]
Eastside Real Estate Almost Every Listed Condo on Seattle’s Eastside Sold In March!   You know the condo real estate sales are hot when 95% of all the listed properties sell in one month. Of the 312 condos for sale, only 14 did not sell last month! Honestly, I've been working in Seattle eastside real estate since 1987, and I don't believe there has been a month when […]
Eastside Real Estate Real Estate Sales Marched Through March on Seattle’s Eastside It's a pretty crazy real estate market out there on Seattle's eastside.  The fever pitch of the real estate market is running high right now.  Buyers and their agents are having to be far more creative with their offers to be the buyer who wins the house.  Pre-inspections are the norm, something that has been […]
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Bellevue, WA Seattle Eastside Condo Sales Were Still Strong in February The positive Seattle Eastside condo market continued through February!  Seventy percent of the available condos sold last month in, on average, 2 months time.  The median price for condos increased from $247,000 in 2013 to $263,000 this past February.  There's a strong demand with little supply, which translates to higher prices.  Since condos were harder […]
Eastside Real Estate Seattle’s Eastside Rained Real Estate in February It's unusual that both January and February of 2013 and 2014 started out with a similar supply of homes for sale. Both years began with a very short supply.  The lack of inventory experienced in 2013 continued into 2014. Even though the supply of homes for sale was the similar,  the number of sales were […]
Eastside Real Estate How Fast Are Seattle Eastside Condos Selling? Seattle Eastside condo inventory is amazingly low as we start the year.  The amount of condos for sale is actually very similar to what was available for sale in January, 2013.  It'd be difficult to find two years that start out so similarly.  There were 287 condos for sale this past January and 286 in […]
Bellevue, WA A Fabulous Start to 2014 Real Estate on Seattle’s Eastside Ironically this January started out just like last January, when there were not enough homes for sale to meet the demand from buyers.  Last year appreciation soared into the double digits for the first time in years because of this lack of inventory.. The difference between last year and this year?  Because of the lack […]
Bellevue, WA Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Seattle Eastside Real Estate 2009-2013 Looking for a terrific picture of the state of real estate on Seattle's Eastside?  Here it is!  Since we're at the beginning of a new year, it's good to see where we've been over the last 5 years.  It gives a good indication of where we're headed for 2014. The above chart highlights the most […]
Eastside Real Estate Condos are Selling Well During the Holiday Season on Seattle’s Eastside Looking back at November Seattle Eastside Condo real estate, we continued to see a seller's market.  Inventory declined as the number of condos for sale dropped almost 20% from October.  But sales were still strong, as 60% of the available condos sold.  Not everyone just ate turkey in November! I'm expecting to see similar results […]
Bellevue Real Estate Buyers Bought Homes, Not Just Turkey, in November on Seattle’s Eastside More home sellers take their homes off the market in November, thinking buyers have gone shopping for presents instead of for homes. The roller coaster pattern you see in the chart with inventory and sales is typical of most years.  The supply of homes for sale tends to drop off as winter comes to Seattle.  […]
Eastside Real Estate Were October Seattle Eastside Real Estate Sales Still Strong?   Real estate sales were still strong in October on Seattle's Eastside.  Fewer homes were for sale than in September, but sales increased (the red line shows the pending sales for each month)  October was far from the slowest month for sales.  There were fewer sales in five other months this year.  As you can […]
Eastside Real Estate Has The Seattle Eastside Real Estate Market Changed?   The Seattle Eastside real estate market is beginning to level off.  For the first time in months, only about half the homes for sale sold.  This is more typical of a balanced market between buyers and sellers, not the hot sellers' market we've seen over the last few months.  The number of homes for […]
Eastside Real Estate Seattle Eastside Condo Sales Sailed Through July   More condos were for sale in July than any month so far this year, but condo sales were still strong. Median pricing dropped a bit from June to $272,000.  This does not reflect a drop in prices, but only that the median price of the condos sold in July was less than what sold […]
For Buyers July Brought Sunny Weather and Great Real Estate Sales on Seattle’s Eastside More homes were for sale on Seattle's Eastside in July, the most number of homes we've had for sale so far this year.  The inventory is still below July of 2012, when there were 240+ more homes for sale.  Competition is a little stronger as we see more homes come on the market.  The good […]
Eastside Real Estate June Condo Sales on Seattle’s Eastside Were Still Smoking!     Seattle Eastside Condo Real Estate is still terrific!  Since so many of the available condos sold in June, like most months this year,  it seems like it's impossible to get a condo.  If you're are looking for a condo to buy, more are coming on the market each month, so there's a fresh […]