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What Were The Odds of Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Home in August, 2010?

Real Estate Activity on Seattle's eastside, August, 2010

Seattle-Eastside Real Estate, August 2010

The odds of selling a home on the Eastside in August, 2010 ranged from a low of 6% to a high of 21%, with an average 14% absorption rate.  This month, West Bellevue is in the single digits,  at 6%.

The real estate activity in the summer months has turned out to be very different than the activity in the spring.  Clearly, both buyers and sellers rushed to buy and sell before the tax credit expired.  We have a buyers’ market for most of the eastside again, which means buyers can choose from a variety of nice homes and probably not find other buyers competing with them.

(The absorption rate is the number of homes for sale in any given month divided by the actual number of homes sold that month.)

August, 2010          3492 homes for sale     491 homes sold            15% odds of selling.

July, 2010               3468 homes for sale     470 homes sold           13.5% odds of selling.

August,  2009        3604 homes for sale     580  homes sold         16% odds of selling.


August, 2009 Seattle-Eastside real estate market compared to August, 2010:

  • The average  price of pending homes (recently sold homes) went from $543,639 to $532,692.  Some neighborhoods showed an increase in prices for the month.
  • As of this past week, there were 14,333 King County homes (houses and condos) for sale, less than late July’s high of 14,639.
  • Home sales on Seattle’s Eastside:   down 2.5% from last August’s number.
  • Number of homes for sale on Seattle’s Eastside:  down 3% from last year.
  • The reality is some homes are selling well, but it is only those homes priced well and showing well.

Best odds of selling: Redmond, near Microsoft, and East Bellevue. 

Worst odds of selling: West Bellevue

Biggest increase in sales from last year: An 8% increase in home sales in Redmond, near Microsoft and East Bellevue.

Smallest increase in sales from last year: Same as above.  This area had the only increase in Seattle-eastside home sales in August.

Decline in real estate sales from last year: There was a decline in 6 out of the 7 Seattle-eastside areas. West Bellevue had the largest decline in home sales with 65% decline in the number of homes sold.

The peak of homes for sale in 2008: July,  4370 homes.

The peak of homes for sale in 2009: June,  3859 homes.

The number of eastside homes for sale at the start of 2010: 2584 homes

The number of eastside homes for sale now: 3492 homes.

For a picture of King County sales, check out The Seattle Times.