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How Do You Move Your Seattle Eastside Home from "For Sale" to Sold?

Eastside September 2010 Moving from for sale to sold

Seattle-Eastside Homes That Moved From "For Sale" to Sold

It’s the price. No big surprise, but here’s the proof that pricing your home right will get it sold for the best price in the Seattle-eastside real estate market.  The price you choose to ask for your home and how long you are at the original asking price will make a difference in how much you actually sell your home for and how long it will take.

How many times have you heard these comments?

  • I don’t want to give my house away.
  • My neighbor’s home sold so fast, it must have been underpriced.

There’s a common misconception that homes that sell quickly must have been priced too low.  Yet, when you look at the chart above, the homes that sold quickly actually sold closer to their original asking price than the homes that stayed on the market longer.

Longer market time = a lower sales price and less money in your pocket.

What have you seen out in the real estate market with the pricing of homes vs. the sales price?