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How Many Real Estate Sales Were On Seattle's Eastside in March, 2011?

Seattle Real Estate Sales Data

Seattle Eastside Real Estate Sales Through March 2011

I see a trend happening in eastside real estate. The Seattle Times was wondering if there was a trend being established in Seattle area real estate.  It’s happening on the eastside.  This trend started in December of last year.  Since that time, the number of homes selling each month has increased.  Home sales have almost doubled from December’s 351 sales to March’s 657 sales.   That’s a huge increase, a 47% increase in real estate sales! It sure sounds like an upward trend to me.

Match this news with the fact that the number of eastside homes for sale has only increased by 150 homes since December and there’s a good real estate market on the eastside. Last year, there almost 440 more homes for sale in March.

In March 2011, there were 2540 homes for sale and 657 had offers. The number 452 in the last column on the chart shows how many homes sold and closed that month.  In order for these sales to close in March, the offers would have happened in January or February.

So far this year, we haven’t seen the number of homes for sale jump up by much. But if many more homes come on the market, the upward trend in home sales could slow down.   An increase in the number of homes for sale could have an impact on how quickly homes sell.

Are you seeing more sold signs in your neighborhood?