For HomeownersFor SellersReal Estate Marketing May 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung in Seattle, Now is the Time to Take Pictures of Your Yard

I love this time of year in the Seattle area.  The long days make it such a wonderful time to be outdoors.  The spring color is fabulous with the rhodies,  azaleas,  tulips and more.  When the leaves start coming in the new growth is a wonderful bright, fresh green color.   Everyone’s yard looks the best  this time of year.

Seattle Flowers

Spring flowers in Seattle

So grab your camera and take some photos of your yard as it continues to bloom throughout the summer.  I think we take the springtime beauty of Seattle for granted this time of year and forget how gray the skies can be.  Good photos of the flowers are not only fun to look at particularly when its’ gray outside and they are great to use as a marketing tool no matter what month you decide to make a move.

Flowering Trees in Seattle

Flowering Trees

Think you’re not going to move for many years?  That’s okay, start building up the photo gallery for your home now.  After all, someday you may decide to move and it could be in February.  We all know how our yards look that time of year.