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The Positive Real Estate Market on Seattle's Eastside Continued in April, 2011

Real Estate Sales on Seattle's Eastside

Seattle Eastside Real Estate Sales Through April, 2011

Seattle-eastside real estate is looking good!  The trend continues to be the most positive in the last four years.  This positive market means this a good, but very realistic market.  Some homes are selling within a week, others take longer, and some do not sell.  In reality, it’s a balanced market in which the homes that sell quickly do so because of price and/or condition.

The usual spring spike in the number of homes for sale has also not happened so far this year.  Last year in April there almost 450 more homes for sale on Seattle’s eastside than this past April.

In April 2011, there were 2634 homes for sale and 654 had offers. The number 464 in the last column on the chart shows how many homes sold and closed in April.  In order for these sales to close in April, the offers would been accepted in February or March with an April closing date. 

The absorption rate, the number of homes that sold during a particular month when compared to the number for sale, was 25%.  One-fourth of the Seattle eastside homes for sale sold in April.

Are you seeing less “for sale” signs in your neighborhood?  What about “sold” signs?