For Buyers Trying to Save Money on a Loan Can Be Costly Our client found the perfect home for an incredible value.  We negotiated the sale and a fabulous offer was secured for our buyer.  He had instant equity upon closing.  But the sale never closed.   We'd recommended lenders to him, but he chose to use another lender.   Why?  Because he would save $1000 in closing […]
Financing Buyers, Interest Rates Are Hot! After I wrote my last post on the state of the Seattle eastside real estate market, I felt it important to remind buyers that even though it's a seller's market, Interest rates are hot!  Interest rates are on your side.  Prices are starting to increase, while interest rates are still on the incredibly low side.  […]
Financing Is It Time to Buy or Refinance? It’s hard to believe that rates are as low as they are these days.   If you’re not buying, think about refinancing your home.   I just refinanced my home with a 7 year arm for 3.1%!  It lowered our monthly payments by $300. An adjustable mortgage may not work for everyone, but with fixed rates […]
Financing Should Buyers Be Required to Put 20% Down to Get The Best Rates for a Home? How does the government fix the mortgage meltdown mess to ensure nothing like this happens again? Should buyers be required to have a 20% minimum down payment in order to purchase a home?  Is this the answer?   Lawmakers in the other Washington, not here in Seattle, are looking into this issue.   Congress is currently looking […]
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