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Is The Seattle Eastside Home Sales Race Soon to Be On?

Everyone who has wanted to sell on Seattle’s eastside in the last few years seems wants to sell in the next 60 days, including me.

I know some home sellers Angie Bondurant, my business partner, and I will be representing  have been madly getting their homes ready to sell.   I bet contractors on Seattle’s eastside are busier than they’ve been in a long time.  The contractor I use has gone from working on a rental home I plan to sell to a client’s home.  As home seller wanna-bes, we’re all in the same boat, scrambling to meet the looming deadline of April 30th.  We’re hoping to catch that home buyer who wants to get the benefit of the 2010 home buyer tax credit.  (By the way, I don’t think the market will fall apart after April 30th, 2010, but those thoughts will be for another post)

Right now, the number of homes and condos for sale in King County is doing it’s normal spring time creep up (yes, it’s spring here in Seattle).  So far, the number of properties for sale isn’t unusually high.

Number of homes and condos for sale in King county, WA
King County, WA Real Estate For Sale, 3-2-10

In some of the Seattle-eastside neighborhoods where I’ve sold a lot of homes and which I blog about, I’ve talked about the fact that there are fewer homes on the market. I think that may be changing and I am wondering if others are experiencing the same thing.

Are other Realtors seeing the same thing happening with their business?

Do you have more homes coming up for sale in the next 60 days?

Do you expect to sell more homes or condos in the next 60 days because of the tax credit?

Are home owners seeing more “For Sale” signs popping up in their neighborhoods?