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For Buyers It Could Be The Difference Between Selling and Not Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Home “It could be the difference between selling and not selling your Seattle-Eastside Home,” she said while sitting in her friend’s Redmond condo.  The “she” is not me, but a home owner who contacted me to talk about selling her home.  At one point, our discussion  moved towards the things she would need to do before […]
For Buyers Seattle Eastside Real Estate: The Glass is Half Full, Not Half Empty It’s time to accept the reality of the market in Seattle and on Seattle’s eastside. More than likely, it’s going to be the way it is for a few more years, with single digit appreciation after that. It’s a more realistic market. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s still challenging to sell a home, but […]
Bellevue Real Estate What's The Worst Time to be on the Market in the Seattle Area? It’s July!  Why July? Because that’s the time of year when the largest number of homes and condos are on the market. Are you surprised? So many times I hear from people they’re waiting until the summer to sell, when school is out.  But it’s not the best time.  If you look at the chart […]
For Buyers Will Recent Foreclosure News Affect Washington State Real Estate? Is your head spinning with questions about foreclosures? I’ve had three clients ask me how the foreclosure process will affect real estate sales in Washington State.  I’m not sure anyone can answer that question completely right now.  This week I heard an NPR news story about mortgage backed securities now asking banks take back certain […]
For Buyers Rethink The American Dream of Home Ownership Or Abandon It? Give up on buying a home, The American Dream or refocus how you think about the American Dream?  Which is it? Recently, two articles appeared voicing opinions on the topic.  One article, in “Time” magazine, thought home buying was something many people need to reconsider. Whereas an article in The New York Times written by […]
Bellevue Real Estate There's No "Red" on The June, 2010 Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Map There’s no “red” on the Seattle-eastside real estate map, which means there were no seller’s markets in June, 2010.  The Seattle-eastside real estate market has turned “yellow” for a market balanced between buyers and sellers,  and “green.”  “Green” on the map indicates a buyer’s market.  It’s not surprising to me that certain areas stay as […]
For Buyers Are Some Home Buyers More Demanding in Today's Real Estate Market? Demanding home buyers? The New York Times had an article about home buyers being more demanding. I’ve seen it in action on Seattle’s eastside. In recent home sales, not only do the buyers want a good price for the home, which is expected the way the real estate market has been, but some home buyers […]
Bellevue Real Estate Make More Money Selling Your Home, Part 6, Replace Your Carpet Mr and Mrs. Home Seller ask: “Why don’t we let the buyers pick out the new carpet?  We don’t know what color they may want.” This is one of the most common sentiments I’ve heard over the years from home sellers.  Sellers often think it’s best to leave the old carpet, offer a carpet allowance […]
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2010 Home buyer Tax Credit The First Big Decline in Homes for Sale in King County Washington Twelve days ago I wrote a post that King County properties for sale was rapidly heading up to the 2009 high.  Just last week we were within 300+ homes/condos of the 2009 peak, which stands at 13,861.  There 13,515 homes/condos for sale in King County that week. This week we see the first big decline, […]
For Sellers Make More Money Selling Your Home, Part 4, Dress Up the Front Door You’re a home buyer out looking at homes. You pull in front of a home that looks kind of interesting.  You stand by the front door as your agent gets the key out of the key box to open the door.  You look around the entrance and notice dirt and scuff marks on the front […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit A Little Discrimination in the 2010 Home Buyer Tax Credit? It’s very late in the game with the 2010 home buyer tax credit, the finish line is only days away.  My purpose in mentioning this issue now is so something like this doesn’t happen again.  The next time Congress enacts a piece of legislation such as this, there shouldn’t be any discrimination against people because […]
For Buyers Consider the Future When Making a Home Purchase What may happen in the Seattle area economy in the future? Appraiser Richard Hagar spoke with John Maynard about this topic on KPLU the other day. The piece was geared to the glut of high end condos in downtown Seattle that are now selling with significant price cuts, but then Mr. Hagar shared more about […]
For Homeowners Are You Selling Your Home In The Next Five Years? Are you selling your home in the next 5 years?  Well, grab your camera now and take pictures of your yard. Seattle is beautiful right now, so take advantage of the natural color that surrounds your home.   You’ve got a few months coming up, so start now and take photos throughout the spring and summer […]
For Homeowners Fixing Up Your Home to Sell? Call Your Real Estate Agent First. Getting ready to sell your home and needing to get it in show condition? There was a great article filled with tips on what to fix to get your home ready in last week’s Seattle Times. But there was one important thing I disagreed with in the article. So before you call a real-estate agent, […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit Should You Buy a Home on Seattle's Eastside Now or Wait? Should you buy a home now on Seattle’s eastside now or wait until after the tax credit expires at the end of April? People were talking on the Wall Street Journal site and on Zillow about this very issue.  Today people don’t just ask, “How’s the real estate market?”  They ask, “What do you think […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit Is The Seattle Eastside Home Sales Race Soon to Be On? Everyone who has wanted to sell on Seattle’s eastside in the last few years seems wants to sell in the next 60 days, including me. I know some home sellers Angie Bondurant, my business partner, and I will be representing  have been madly getting their homes ready to sell.   I bet contractors on Seattle’s eastside […]
Real Estate Opinion Have You Sent Thank You Notes to Your Buyers and Sellers This Week? I’ve received about half a dozen thank you notes from stores and services in the two dozen years I’ve been in Seattle.  I can tell you who sent me each note.  Because there have been so few, I remember who sent them.  I got to thinking about personal notes, and the lack thereof,  because I […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Should Cul-De-Sacs Be Banned From Future Development In Washington? There aren’t going to be any more cul-de-sacs in new developments in the State of Virginia. Yes, Virginia will have no more cul-de-sacs.  Cul-de-sacs have been banned from new neighborhood developments.    Cul-de-sacs are the quintessential icon of the 1980’s-2000’s American suburb. Here on Seattle’s eastside, new neighborhoods were generally built all over with cul-de-sacs sprinkled […]