2010 Home buyer Tax Credit

2010 Home buyer Tax Credit The First Big Decline in Homes for Sale in King County Washington Twelve days ago I wrote a post that King County properties for sale was rapidly heading up to the 2009 high.  Just last week we were within 300+ homes/condos of the 2009 peak, which stands at 13,861.  There 13,515 homes/condos for sale in King County that week. This week we see the first big decline, […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit A Little Discrimination in the 2010 Home Buyer Tax Credit? It’s very late in the game with the 2010 home buyer tax credit, the finish line is only days away.  My purpose in mentioning this issue now is so something like this doesn’t happen again.  The next time Congress enacts a piece of legislation such as this, there shouldn’t be any discrimination against people because […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit Seattle Eastside Real Estate Was "Normal" in February, 2010 The truly “hot” Seattle real estate areas in February, 2010, those in red, are in the core neighborhoods of Seattle itself.  However, almost all of the map is in “yellow”, which means the average market time for a home to sell in other Seattle areas is between 3-6 months. This means we’ve had another month […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit What Were The Odds of Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Condo in February, 2010? (The absorption rate, the percentage of condos selling, is the number of condos for sale in any given month divided by the actual number of condos sold that month.  So if the absorption rate or chance of selling is 10% that means out of 100 condos for sale, 10 received offers and sold.) February, 2010               1333 condos for sale,    […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit Should You Buy a Home on Seattle's Eastside Now or Wait? Should you buy a home now on Seattle’s eastside now or wait until after the tax credit expires at the end of April? People were talking on the Wall Street Journal site and on Zillow about this very issue.  Today people don’t just ask, “How’s the real estate market?”  They ask, “What do you think […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit Is The Seattle Eastside Home Sales Race Soon to Be On? Everyone who has wanted to sell on Seattle’s eastside in the last few years seems wants to sell in the next 60 days, including me. I know some home sellers Angie Bondurant, my business partner, and I will be representing  have been madly getting their homes ready to sell.   I bet contractors on Seattle’s eastside […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit A Great Picture of Seattle Real Estate in January, 2010 There’s a “normal” real estate market in the Seattle area.  What’s a normal real estate market?  It’s a real estate market in which the market is evenly balanced between both buyers and sellers, which is a good thing. Much like December, Seattle in January was “yellow,” on the map.  “Yellow” means it would take 3-6 […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit The Clock is Ticking on the Real Estate Trifecta Who knows where the time goes? (“Who Knows Where the Time Goes”- written by Sandy Denny, but made famous by Judy Collins) Sometimes it seems like the past has gone in the blink of an eye.  Ironically, it feels exactly the opposite when we think of the future.  It’s human nature to think there’s all […]
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