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What Were The Odds of Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Home in Feb, 2010?

Seattle Real Estate Activity

Seattle-Eastside Residential Real Estate Statistics-Feb 2010

The odds of selling a home on the Eastside in February, 2010 ranged from a low of 16.5% to a high of 29%, with an average 22% absorption rate. (The absorption rate is the number of homes for sale in any given month divided by the actual number of homes sold that month.)

February, 2010        2706 homes for sale      599  homes sold,          22% odds of selling.

January, 2010         2588 homes for sale,     (n0w 477) 539 homes sold,     (now 18%) 20% odds of selling.*

February, 2009      3574 homes for sale,      264 homes sold,              7% odds of selling.

*Adjusted from previous month’s numbers to reflect the actual number of homes sold and closed. Each month some sales  fall apart and don’t close.  A lower number of home sales may be reported at a later date to show the actual number of sales that did close. (see explanation below)


February, 2009 Seattle-Eastside real estate market compared to February, 2010:

  • Home sales were up in all Seattle-Eastside cities.
  • The number of homes for sale has begun its “spring creep up”.  The year started out at the lowest point in three years.  We’re now seeing more on the market.  Expect to see a jump in homes for sale with the March report coming next month.
  • The median price was down by 7%.  (Keep in mind this is comparing last February’s numbers to this February and is not an indication of the total drop in price for the year.)
  • Home sales on Seattle’s Eastside:   up 103%!
  • Number of homes for sale on Seattle’s Eastside:  down 25%

Best odds of selling: Redmond, near Microsoft, and East Bellevue with the greatest odds of selling. Twenty-nine percent of the homes got offers.  

Worst odds of selling: West Bellevue with only 16.5% of the homes getting accepted offers.

Biggest increase in sales from last year: South Bellevue with 193% increase in the number of home sales from last year.

Smallest increase in sales from last year: West Bellevue, with a 52% increase in home sales over last year.

Decline in real estate sales from last year: None on the eastside. More homes sold in all areas of the eastside this February than last February, which is no big surprise.

The peak of homes for sale in 2008: July,  4370 homes.

The peak of homes for sale in 2009: June,  3859 homes.

The number of eastside homes for sale at the start of 2010: 2584 homes

The number of eastside homes for sale now: 2706 homes.

Rate of home sales that failed: 12%

For a media perspective on February’s real estate trends, check out this article from The Seattle Times.

Will our more positive real estate market continue after the April 30th deadline for the home buyer tax credit? What do you think?