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Eastside Real Estate July 2014 Real Estate Performs As Expected on Seattle’s Eastside The most number of homes for sale so far this year?  No big surprise.  We've seen the same roller coaster of real estate activity on Seattle's eastside every year.  The market was still strong as almost 50% of Seattle eastside homes sold in July. The peak of sales activity, as it is every year, was […]
Eastside Real Estate Seattle Eastside Condo Sales Remain Steady in June   Numbers have been holding more steady in the last couple of months for Seattle Eastside Condo sales as the pattern is not all that different from May to June.  Although, slightly more condos were for sale and slightly fewer sold in June. In June 63% of the condos sold.  Median pricing for condos stood […]
Eastside Real Estate Seattle Eastside Condo Sales Are Still Going Strong   More condos sold in October than in September on Seattle's Eastside.  In fact, October was one of the best months for condo real estate this year.  There were 257 condo sales, 11 sales less than the top month of sales in August.  Turn over has been excellent as the number of new properties for […]
Eastside Real Estate Were October Seattle Eastside Real Estate Sales Still Strong?   Real estate sales were still strong in October on Seattle's Eastside.  Fewer homes were for sale than in September, but sales increased (the red line shows the pending sales for each month)  October was far from the slowest month for sales.  There were fewer sales in five other months this year.  As you can […]
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Eastside Real Estate How Strong is the Seattle Eastside Condo Real Estate Market? The pace of the market seems very much like September, 2012.  Fifty-two percent of the condos for sale sold this past September, whereas in September, 2012, 55% sold. However, the difference this year is median pricing was still much stronger than last year and has been consistently above $260,000 since April.  In September, 2012 median […]
For Buyers July Brought Sunny Weather and Great Real Estate Sales on Seattle’s Eastside More homes were for sale on Seattle's Eastside in July, the most number of homes we've had for sale so far this year.  The inventory is still below July of 2012, when there were 240+ more homes for sale.  Competition is a little stronger as we see more homes come on the market.  The good […]
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Eastside Real Estate April Showers Brought More Real Estate Sales on Seattle’s Eastside Seattle Eastside real estate sales keep climbing!   Home sales have increased by 35% since January of this year.  Buyers don't despair.  We're starting to see a significant increase in the number of homes for sale, which is good for buyers.  Sellers still have the advantage in the marketplace, though, because the supply is still low […]
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Bellevue, WA Many Homes on Seattle’s Eastside Are Selling For Over Full Price! In the third quarter of 2012, almost 30% of the homes that sold in the cities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Woodinville, Issaquah sold for over full price!  The demand by buyers for homes and the lack of inventory is creating this huge uptick in competition for a home. When more buyers are competing for […]
Bellevue Real Estate Did July’s Real Estate Prices Really Go Up By 7% on Seattle’s Eastside?   The Seattle media had screaming headlines recently about the 7% increase in King County real estate prices this July when compared to last July.  Were the newspaper headlines right? As I've mentioned before, yes and no. What did the media get correct when they said prices had gone up from July, 2011 to 2012? […]
Bellevue Real Estate Strong Signs Continue for a Positive Real Estate Market on Seattle’s Eastside How hot was the Seattle Eastside real estate market in June?  In May I mentioned the market stats over the next few months would dictate whether Seattle-eastside real estate will remain a hot seller's market.  In May I asked the following questions about Seattle eastside real estate.  Now I'm asking those same questions about June's […]
Bellevue Real Estate Were June Condo Sales on Seattle’s Eastside Still Hot? What an amazing condo market on Seattle's Eastside!  Since June of 2011, the number of condos for sale has continued to drop, and drop by alot.    Last June there were 1139 condos for sale and this June there are less than 500!  What a huge difference!  Not only are there fewer condos for sale, […]
Bellevue, WA How Was The Real Estate Market In Your Seattle-Eastside City in December 2011? The December Real Estate Map Showing a Balanced Market Between Buyers and Sellers   The cities below are grouped together to follow our MLS areas (multiple listing service).  This is how our statistics are reported. How was real estate market in your Seattle-Eastside city in December, 2011? 1. Redmond/East Bellevue The odds of selling a […]
For Buyers You Snooze, You Lose, in This Seattle Eastside Real Estate Market   Brooks and I just sold a home in Redmond which had multiple offers.  A contract was in hand, when the very next day I received phone calls from both an agent and a prospective buyer who wanted to see the home.  They were a day late. It was gone. It was sold. Here on the eastside, […]
Eastside Real Estate Is Now a Good time to Sell Your Seattle Eastside Home? Is this a good time to sell your Seattle eastside home?  If you’re a seller on Seattle’s eastside, the numbers are on your side.  This is the second week in a row with less than 10,000 homes on the market in King County, a first for this year!  The competition has pulled up the “for […]
Bellevue Real Estate Real Estate Sales Continued to be Strong on Seattle's Eastside in July, 2011 The chart above speaks for itself.  July real estate sales were going strong on Seattle’s eastside.  More homes sold in July than in any  month since May, 2010.  Will this surge in real estate sales continue?  Since the news regarding the stock market from last week, it remains to be seen if August will hold […]
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Bellevue Real Estate There Are Some "Hot" Real Estate Markets Around Seattle There are some hot real estate markets in the Seattle area. These “red” hot areas are shown below. The usual suspects of Queen Anne and Capital Hill experienced a hot market in February. The newest suspect, East Bellevue and Redmond near Microsoft, my neck of the Seattle real estate market, was also going strong.    In […]