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Eastside Real Estate Was There Any "Good" in November’s Real Estate News on Seattle’s Eastside?     If you read the news about Seattle real estate, it could make you crazy!  It’s hard to determine what’s true and what is hype.  There’s some tough news that dominates and then there is some news that is actually good.  You know how it is, bad news always travels faster than good news, […]
Eastside Real Estate Was There Really a Decline In Seattle Eastside Real Estate Pricing in October, 2011?   Yes, Virginia, there was a decline in median pricing on Seattle’s eastside in October. The Seattle media got everyone a little nervous about real estate when it stated there had been a 15% y-o-y price drop in King County real estate prices from October of 2010 to 2011.  I talked with several clients who […]
Eastside Real Estate Is Now a Good time to Sell Your Seattle Eastside Home? Is this a good time to sell your Seattle eastside home?  If you’re a seller on Seattle’s eastside, the numbers are on your side.  This is the second week in a row with less than 10,000 homes on the market in King County, a first for this year!  The competition has pulled up the “for […]
Eastside Real Estate Were there a lot of Distressed Real Estate Sales on the Eastside? My last post focused on distressed sales in the counties around Seattle, a huge area.  This post focuses on the eastside cities across Lake Washington from Seattle. The hardest hit area for distressed property sales on Seattle’s eastside is what we Realtors call area 600 (see bottom of the chart above) which encompasses north Kirkland, […]
Eastside Real Estate How Many Seattle Area Real Estate Sales Were Distressed Sales? How much of the Seattle area real estate market is made up of distressed sales, sales in which the property is bank owned or a seller is required to obtain approval from the bank in order to sell?   In the third quarter of 2011, Seattle and the eastside suburbs were holding their own in […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Cool Green Living and Money Saving Tools at zHome in Issaquah Last weekend my husband and I took an open house tour of zHome, a new green town home community in the Issaquah Highlands.  zHome is the first carbon-neutral and zero energy multi-family complex in the US.   The place was buzzing with activity.  There were about 100 people on various tours.   These are not your typical […]
Eastside Real Estate Seattle Eastside Condo Sales Keep Popping! Seattle-eastside condo sales were still hot in September.  Twenty-one percent of the condos for sale got offers for the third month in a row!  There’s less for sale this month than in August and fewer condos actually sold, but the odds of selling were exactly the same.  It’s exciting to see the sales numbers for […]
Eastside Real Estate The Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Market Feels Good! Seattle’s eastside real estate market was very steady in September, 2011.   It’s not dramatic with the highs and lows of the recent past, which is refreshing, plus eastside real estate sales are moving and moving well.  It looks as if the peak of real estate sales for the year was back in May, when 24% […]
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