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Eastside Real Estate Is Pricing Your Home Correctly Even More Critical?   The third quarter real estate sales results for the Seattle Eastside are in and there is a very clear story here.  Pricing is the key to a successful sale and these numbers prove this to be true.  If a home was priced right, it sold, on average, within 7 days for full price.  If […]
Eastside Real Estate How Can You Make More Money Selling Your Seattle Eastside Home? It's simple.  Price your home right and it will sell quickly and for full price.  Overprice your home, it will take longer to sell and it'll sell for less than full price.  In today's hot real estate market, buyers know a good home when they see it because they run out to see everything as […]
For Buyers Should You Put Your Home on the Market on Seattle’s Eastside During the Holidays?   Yes, yes, yes! You should put your Eastside-King County house on the market now and I'll tell you why: First, here are the "market" reasons: We have one of the lowest number of homes for sale and the highest number of sales in the last 15 years! In October, the last month in which […]
Bellevue Real Estate How Do You Go From For Sale To Sold on Seattle’s Eastside?   How  do you get from “for sale” to “sold?” It’s the price!  Even though the real estate market in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and other eastside cities is red hot, the price is still critical to getting a “sold” sign posted on the “for sale’ sign in your front yard. Almost half, 48%, of the […]
Bellevue, WA The Top Ten Remodeling Mistakes for Seattle Eastside Homes   There are a million stories in Seattle about great remodeling projects that increase the livability and value of a home.  I’ve written a few myself over the years.   Rarely does anyone write about what you should NOT do when remodeling a home. One caveat here, what plays in Peoria does not necessarily play […]
For Buyers You Snooze, You Lose, in This Seattle Eastside Real Estate Market   Brooks and I just sold a home in Redmond which had multiple offers.  A contract was in hand, when the very next day I received phone calls from both an agent and a prospective buyer who wanted to see the home.  They were a day late. It was gone. It was sold. Here on the eastside, […]
For Buyers Make More Money Selling Your Home, Part 2, Set The Price At The Last Minute Selling your home?  Wait until the last minute to set the price, and I mean the last minute. Why would you do that?  Because real estate prices can be a moving target.  What worked a month or even a week or a day ago may not be the right price for your home. When home […]
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