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Seattle-Eastside Real Estate is Beginning to Turn Red

Seattle-eastside real estate is starting to see “red.”  Red is a sellers’ market, which means the average market time to sell a Seattle eastside home in the areas marked in red is from 3-6 months.

I sell a lot homes in the “hottest Seattle eastside area, which we call area 530, East Bellevue and the Redmond neighborhoods around Microsoft.  Homes sales were hopping this past month, with sales often happening in two weeks or less.  If you live in any of the areas marked in “red” and your home is not selling, it’s priced too high compared to competition. If your home is overpriced, you’re helping to sell other homes and they’re selling at your expense.

Seattle proper remains the “hottest” area overall, but if you’re looking to buy on the eastside,  all the areas are either a real estate market that’s balanced between buyer and seller (yellow) or in “red,” a sellers’ market.

Buyers markets were absent in March. There’s no green (for a buyers market)  left on this map, with the exception of Vashon Island, so the buyers’ markets we’ve been experiencing over the last few years were no where to be seen in  in March.

Will the map show the same colors next month?  I believe April will also be a very strong month for Seattle-eastside real estate.

Map showing which areas are selling faster in King and Snohomish Counties

Which King/Snohomish County Areas Are Selling Faster?

What do the numbers on the map mean?

The map is divided into the numbered areas as defined by our Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS).  Downtown Bellevue is area 520 and East Bellevue is area 530, as an example.

What do the colors mean?

Red means it’s a sellers’ market, a sellers’ advantage.

Yellow means a balanced market between buyers and sellers.

Green means it’s a buyers’ market.

If you take each area as shown on the map and look to the area number on the side of the map, it will tell you how long it would take to sell every home currently for sale if no other home came up on the market in that area.