Free Eastside Recycling Event This Weekend at Windermere Real Estate

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Need to Recycle? Come on Down to Windermere Real Estate For free Recycling This Saturday

Free Recycling on Seattle's Eastside

Need to Recycle? Come on Down to Windermere Real Estate For free Recycling This Saturday

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Free Recycling Event on Seattle's Eastside

Got Junk?  This Sunday you’ll have an opportunity to start the new year right by unloading some of your unwanted electronics, appliances and other good stuff at my Windermere Real Estate office in Kirkland.

Recycling Electronics

Free Recycling on Seattle's Eastside

I missed a recycling event in Kirkland, so my husband and I took our stuff down to 3RRecycle in Seattle back in the fall.  They did a good job for us, but it’s nice to be able to get rid of your “stuff” responsibly and quickly right here on the eastside.  1 Green Planet will also take your stuff if you can’t make it on Sunday. They’re located at the above address in Issaquah.

By the way, if you know of other recycling events throughout the year, please let me know about them as I’m happy to post your event on this blog.  Happy recycling.

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Recycling News for Seattle's Eastside

I’ve been on a major recycling binge these days, so here are some things I did, along with some other tips, that you can do to recycle in the Seattle area.

Got Electronics to Recycle?

Recycling Electronics
Old Electronics to Recycle

(I bet you have a few things at home that look like these!)

Saturday, November 13
9 am to 3 pm
Kirkland Congregational Church, UCC
106 – 5th Avenue, Kirkland, 98033


Some of the many things you can recycle for free:

Appliances-any size, no limit
TV’s, car batteries, computers, monitors, printers (data destruction

Medical equipment, ink toner & cartridges

Scrap Metal:  bikes, tools, BBQs, lawn mowers, metal furniture,
exercise equipment

See 1greenplanet for a complete list of items you can recycle.

Cash donations to Kirkland Congregational Church for providing this
service are welcome. Your donations will help support the ministry,
mission, and outreach programs of the Church of Mary Magdalene, a
homeless shelter in Seattle for women and children and families.


Not able to make Saturday’s Recycling event? I know I can’t make it, but recently I was able to recycle my old electronics.  You can also drop things off to 1greenplanet, but 3RTechnology is another great place to recycle your electronics safely and cheaply.  They are located just south of Safeco field in the SoDo district of Seattle.  Hey, if you can make it to Safeco Field, you can make it there!

Seattle place to recycle electronics
3R Technology

Here’s our car loaded with old equipment we were able to recycle.

Recycling old electronics in Seattle
Our car filled with old electronics to recycle

Got paper?   I recently recycled 32 boxes of old real estate files! And this isn’t even all of the boxes I have had from my 23 years in real estate!  I recycled the paper and boxes from transactions I’ve worked on from the early 90’s through 2003.  In the past, I recycled years 1987-1993.  We used DataSite Northwest, which is near downtown Bellevue and has a Seattle location.  Our station wagon has come in handy this past month for all these recycling trips.

Recycling paper on Seattle's eastside
Our car loaded with files to recycle

I still have 25 boxes left of files I must keep for 7 years.  These files go back to 2003.  I’m going to be smarter from now on and recycle the files I can at the beginning of each calendar year. (We have to keep our files going back 7 years.)

Got hazardous materials at home?

Are you a senior who needs help getting rid of your Hazardous materials?

Hazardous Material
Old Paint Can to Recycle

King County has a program to pick up hazardous materials for seniors who have difficulty disposing of the materials. The county will take batteries, paints, oil, solvents and other things.  The website has a list of what they will pick up.  They will not pick up electronics, so the other two places above are the best bet for recycling those ancient computers and TV’s.

Do you have other suggestions for recycling either electronics or hazardous waste in the Seattle area?

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