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Built Green and Sustainable Living Cool Green Living and Money Saving Tools at zHome in Issaquah Last weekend my husband and I took an open house tour of zHome, a new green town home community in the Issaquah Highlands.  zHome is the first carbon-neutral and zero energy multi-family complex in the US.   The place was buzzing with activity.  There were about 100 people on various tours.   These are not your typical […]
Architecture Midcentury Modern Meets Eco-Friendly Home Design I’m passionate about “green” living, sustainability, eco-friendly and mid-century modern design.  I’ve been lucky to be able to pursue these interests on various trips to Palm Springs, CA, which is a hub of mid-century modern design.  Back in February, I was down in the California desert during Palm Springs Modernism Week.  It’s a fun week […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Saving Money and Energy When Drying Clothes So you think you know how to save money and time when drying your clothes? Sure, you just pop them in the dryer and push the button.  Not so fast. If you’re rethinking your energy usage and looking for ways to save time and money, this post will give you more insights than you ever […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Happy Valentine's Day-Keep Loving Your Home Do you love your home? Keep loving it by taking good care of it.  Become a fan of my Facebook Fan Page which is dedicated to home ownership.  I post about energy savings, green living, housing trends, and all things that are “house” related. Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for your honey?  […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Do You Want to Buy a Home This Year? Think of the Hot "New" Trends Some people will buy a home in 2011. These buyers will move for more space, downsize for less space or relocate, the typical  reasons to make a move.  If you’re buying in 2011,  think about selling that home in the future. Make an investment that works for now and for later.  It’s important now, more […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Have a Very Merry "Green" Holiday Attention all you Seattle eastsiders: Have a Very Merry “Green” Holiday! Holiday Lights Looking for a last minute gift idea? Give a tote bag or sign someone up for weekly home deliveries of local produce.  Full Circle Farms has terrific produce available. Can you re-use a potato chip bag to wrap presents? Check this video […]
Bellevue, WA Recycling News for Seattle's Eastside I’ve been on a major recycling binge these days, so here are some things I did, along with some other tips, that you can do to recycle in the Seattle area. Got Electronics to Recycle? Old Electronics to Recycle (I bet you have a few things at home that look like these!) Saturday, November 13 […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Five Easy Ways to Stop Polluting Your Home and Your Body Take Your Shoes Off! It’s not rocket science here, but simple common sense.  If you’re not bringing outside dirt into your home, you’re not bringing in pollutants.  Shoes that slog through mud, dirt, sand, over sidewalks and streets with oil on them, and who knows what else, all bring pollutants into your home. Think about […]
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Built Green and Sustainable Living I Gave A Friend Away to Save Money and Reduced My Carbon Footprint He’s gone.  They carted him away today after our very long relationship, a longer one than I’ve had with my husband.  He’s always been a little chilly, in fact, downright cold. But he was faithful, always ready, and never needed any fixing.  He moved with me from an apartment to two homes, from the east […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living I Need to Learn How to Reduce My Carbon Footprint I have a big, fat carbon footprint! I’m surprised and I’m not happy.  I took a survey to determine my carbon footprint and found out that it takes over 30 acres to support my lifestyle. If everyone lived the way I did, it would take multiple planets to support all the people on earth!  Very […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Bill Gates Calls for Zero Energy Emissions It’s funny, last night I was just talking with a neighbor about Bill Gates and how he and Melinda had the power to change the world, making it a better place for all.  Previously, The Gates Foundation has focused mostly on health and education.  Now Mr. Gates is taking on climate change. Gates spoke about […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Should Cul-De-Sacs Be Banned From Future Development In Washington? There aren’t going to be any more cul-de-sacs in new developments in the State of Virginia. Yes, Virginia will have no more cul-de-sacs.  Cul-de-sacs have been banned from new neighborhood developments.    Cul-de-sacs are the quintessential icon of the 1980’s-2000’s American suburb. Here on Seattle’s eastside, new neighborhoods were generally built all over with cul-de-sacs sprinkled […]