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The Blue Angels are Here in Seattle!

Seattle Seafair Blue Angels Show

The Blue Angels are here in Seattle for Seafair.  This is Seafair’s biggest weekend with the Blue Angels and the hydroplane races happening on Lake Washington.  Yesterday, I got to out on Lake Washington and watch the Blue Angels in a practice session for Saturday and Sunday’s big shows.  It was amazing to see all the boats out there on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.  We we just north of the I-90 bridge and got a great view.  Unfortunately, my photos don’t do the show justice.  The planes move so fast that by the time I captured a plane (s) in my viewfinder, they were long gone!  It’s thrilling to see the planes fly in formation.  At one point, some of the planes were flown upside down!

Here are some great photos and a video from the West Seattle Blog.

KIRO is the official station for Seafair.

If you live in the Seattle area, come out to see the show.  It’s spectacular.


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The Tolls Are Coming! The Tolls Are Coming to Seattle's 520 Bridge

The tolls are coming for the 52o bridge from Seattle’s eastside to Seattle starting in March, 2011. Travel across the bridge to Seattle during peak times will set you back $3.50 each way.  The cost is less during other hours of the day.  In fact, if you head across the lake during the middle of the night, it’s a lot less money!

520 Bridge Crossing Seattle's Lake Washington

Seattle's 520 Bridge

I’m wondering how the new tolls will impact how you live.  What got me thinking of this was when a client called me about moving.  Last year he was hoping to move his family to Seattle.  Since both he and his wife work on the eastside, he’s now looking at Bellevue and Mercer Island.

Will the new tolls impact how you commute?

Will you rely more on public transportation?

Will you try to go across the lake during off-peak hours?

Are you considering a move to the side of the lake where you work?

Do you think the tolls will cause more people move?

Do tell what you think.

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Where's Lake Washington?

Where's Lake Washington?

View from Lake Washington Blvd NE in Kirkland this morning at 9 AM.  The fog was definitely here in Kirkland this morning.  It was hard to see the big lake out there.

Actually, the fog was a breath of fresh air, so to speak, because there was no rain.  Seattle and the eastside have lived up to their rainy reputation since the beginning of 2010.  So far this year, which is all of a couple of weeks, there’s been 5 inches of rain in Seattle.

I’m dreaming about July and August sun right now!