Exploring the Eastside

Bellevue, WA And You Wonder Why We Live on Seattle’s Eastside?   Below are some gorgeous views of Seattle from Bellevue and Kirkland looking west.  Sunsets are gorgeous around here!   A peek at the Space Needle The Seattle Skyline across Lake Washington The Olympic Mountains
Exploring the Eastside The Blue Angels are Here in Seattle! The Blue Angels are here in Seattle for Seafair.  This is Seafair’s biggest weekend with the Blue Angels and the hydroplane races happening on Lake Washington.  Yesterday, I got to out on Lake Washington and watch the Blue Angels in a practice session for Saturday and Sunday’s big shows.  It was amazing to see all […]
Dining on the Eastside Have You Been to Woodinville's Wine Country? I went to France this past weekend.  Ok, I didn’t really, but last Saturday I imagined I was transported to France when I sat down with a glass of wine in my hand and looked out over the valley in Woodinville.  It felt like spring was almost here in the Seattle area.  Spring was almost […]
Exploring the Eastside Snow In February in Seattle? Here's Where You Can Think Spring Snow in Seattle in February? Sounds impossible but with temperatures predicted to go down into the 20’s later this week, it’s possible.  If you need a cure for the wintertime blues check out Molbak’s in Woodinville.  It’s a springtime frenzy with gorgeous flowering plants. Whites, blues, purples, pinks, and reds. Molbak’s is a feel good […]
Architecture You've Been to Downtown Bellevue, But Have You Really Seen Downtown Bellevue? Do you think of downtown Bellevue as a drive-through from the highway to the mall? I bet most Eastsiders zoom along NE 8th to the mall. Most have probably never walked around downtown Bellevue.   This should not come as a surprise, since downtown Bellevue was designed to accommodate a car culture. I’ve lived on Seattle’s […]
Bellevue, WA Bellevue's Botanical Garden is Just Beautiful This Time of Year It’s funny how we can take local places for granted. We always think something is so close by,  it’s easy to go anytime.  But sometimes time gets the best of us. I hadn’t been to The Bellevue Botanical Garden for several years.  Over the 4th of July, I had a friend visiting from Connecticut, so […]
Bellevue, WA Congratulations to Seattle-Eastside Top Schools in the Nation Seattle-eastside schools are some of the tops in the nation. US News recently published its top high schools in the nation and many eastside schools made the list. US News rated Bellevue’s International School as no. 10 in the country while highlighting Skyline in Sammamish, Woodinville High, Redmond High and others.  The International Community School […]
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