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Exploring the Eastside The Blue Angels are Here in Seattle! The Blue Angels are here in Seattle for Seafair.  This is Seafair’s biggest weekend with the Blue Angels and the hydroplane races happening on Lake Washington.  Yesterday, I got to out on Lake Washington and watch the Blue Angels in a practice session for Saturday and Sunday’s big shows.  It was amazing to see all […]
Just for Fun Playing Tourist in Seattle and on the Eastside on a Beautiful Summer Weekend I played tour guide and tourist in Seattle and on the eastside last weekend.  I had family visiting me who had never been out to the Northwest.  So I donned by tour guide guise and off we went.  It was the perfect time to do this as the weather was just gorgeous and lots of […]
Architecture You've Been to Downtown Bellevue, But Have You Really Seen Downtown Bellevue? Do you think of downtown Bellevue as a drive-through from the highway to the mall? I bet most Eastsiders zoom along NE 8th to the mall. Most have probably never walked around downtown Bellevue.   This should not come as a surprise, since downtown Bellevue was designed to accommodate a car culture. I’ve lived on Seattle’s […]
Bellevue Real Estate How Did August, 2010 Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Sales Stack Up In Your Neighborhood? [googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Seattle-eastside&sll=47.709762,-122.011414&sspn=0.310487,0.911865&ie=UTF8&split=1&radius=21.22&rq=1&ev=zo&hq=Seattle-eastside&hnear=&ll=47.709762,-122.011414&spn=0.310487,0.911865&t=h&output=embed&w=425&h=350] How did August, 2009 stack up to August, 2010 in your neighborhood? (Click on the cities below to see real estate trends for the past 5 years.  You’ll find the median pricing for each city and whether the number of homes for sale and the number of sales went up or down.  The […]
For Buyers You Should Buy This House! Created by Redmond WA home sellers with a sense of humor and a great house for sale in the Seattle eastside city.)
Just for Fun Where's Lake Washington? View from Lake Washington Blvd NE in Kirkland this morning at 9 AM.  The fog was definitely here in Kirkland this morning.  It was hard to see the big lake out there. Actually, the fog was a breath of fresh air, so to speak, because there was no rain.  Seattle and the eastside have lived […]
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