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Built Green and Sustainable Living Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Saving Money and Energy When Drying Clothes So you think you know how to save money and time when drying your clothes? Sure, you just pop them in the dryer and push the button.  Not so fast. If you’re rethinking your energy usage and looking for ways to save time and money, this post will give you more insights than you ever […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Have a Very Merry "Green" Holiday Attention all you Seattle eastsiders: Have a Very Merry “Green” Holiday! Holiday Lights Looking for a last minute gift idea? Give a tote bag or sign someone up for weekly home deliveries of local produce.  Full Circle Farms has terrific produce available. Can you re-use a potato chip bag to wrap presents? Check this video […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living I Need to Learn How to Reduce My Carbon Footprint I have a big, fat carbon footprint! I’m surprised and I’m not happy.  I took a survey to determine my carbon footprint and found out that it takes over 30 acres to support my lifestyle. If everyone lived the way I did, it would take multiple planets to support all the people on earth!  Very […]
For Buyers Don't Spend Money Greening Your Home Until….. Are you feeling bombarded about “greening your home?‘  There’s so much stuff out there to absorb.  There are articles flying around about all the good “green” things to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I think reducing our carbon footprint,  going green, and hopefully, saving money are all important. But, I just recently came across two […]
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