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For Buyers Top Ten Things to do to Winterize A Seattle Eastside Home Even though we rarely get snow on Seattle's eastside, it can get pretty cold and wet here.  When the temperature is 48 degrees and it's damp outside, it always feels so much colder.    It's important to prepare for the cooler, wetter temperatures and the increased rain that happens in Seattle's winter.  Wintertime will pass […]
For Buyers It Could Be The Difference Between Selling and Not Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Home “It could be the difference between selling and not selling your Seattle-Eastside Home,” she said while sitting in her friend’s Redmond condo.  The “she” is not me, but a home owner who contacted me to talk about selling her home.  At one point, our discussion  moved towards the things she would need to do before […]
For Buyers What's the Difference Between Home Maintenance and Upgrades When Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Home Getting ready to sell your home?  You’ve contacted your agent who’s given you a laundry list of things to repair, replace or upgrade before your home goes on the market. Are the things your agent wants you to do maintenance items or upgrades? If these items are completed, does it mean that you can get […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Saving Money and Energy When Drying Clothes So you think you know how to save money and time when drying your clothes? Sure, you just pop them in the dryer and push the button.  Not so fast. If you’re rethinking your energy usage and looking for ways to save time and money, this post will give you more insights than you ever […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Happy Valentine's Day-Keep Loving Your Home Do you love your home? Keep loving it by taking good care of it.  Become a fan of my Facebook Fan Page which is dedicated to home ownership.  I post about energy savings, green living, housing trends, and all things that are “house” related. Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for your honey?  […]
For Homeowners Don't Let Carbon Monoxide Kill You A friend of mine from college just died.  He died from a gas leak in his home.  Apparently some gas had escaped which killed him and sickened others.   He was the only one who didn’t make it.  This was a sad and needless death. This was not an isolated incident.  I wish it were. […]
Energy conservation Five Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill What costs you the most money to maintain your home?  I bet your heating bills are at or near the top of the list. Here are 5 easy ways you can help your heating system to be more efficient and help to save you money. Change your furnace filter regularly– I know few people seem […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Five Easy Ways to Stop Polluting Your Home and Your Body Take Your Shoes Off! It’s not rocket science here, but simple common sense.  If you’re not bringing outside dirt into your home, you’re not bringing in pollutants.  Shoes that slog through mud, dirt, sand, over sidewalks and streets with oil on them, and who knows what else, all bring pollutants into your home. Think about […]
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For Buyers Was your Home Built Before 1978? New Lead Paint Laws Take Effect October, 2010 I just recommended a new client’s deck be painted before her home goes on the market.  The was home built in the 1950’s and it reminded me about the new law regarding remodeling and painting homes built before 1978.  This new law will be going into effect on October !st.  Originally, the regulations were scheduled […]
For Buyers Don't Spend Money Greening Your Home Until….. Are you feeling bombarded about “greening your home?‘  There’s so much stuff out there to absorb.  There are articles flying around about all the good “green” things to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I think reducing our carbon footprint,  going green, and hopefully, saving money are all important. But, I just recently came across two […]
For Buyers Got Lint? Clean Your Dryer Vent There were big gray clumps of lint and this is only 1/4 of what was removed from the clothes dryer vent!   Ironic, since the dryer vent had recently been cleaned out in a do-it-yourself project, which apparently had not worked.  The duct work is a fairly long line, which makes it even more difficult […]
For Sellers Make More Money Selling Your Home, Part 4, Dress Up the Front Door You’re a home buyer out looking at homes. You pull in front of a home that looks kind of interesting.  You stand by the front door as your agent gets the key out of the key box to open the door.  You look around the entrance and notice dirt and scuff marks on the front […]
For Buyers Make More Money Selling Your Home, Part 3, Clean Up Your Yard Want to Make the Most Money Selling Your Home?  Clean up your yard. I spoke about planting flowers previously, now I’ll talk about having your yard looking good. You’ve heard of a “bad dye job”?  This is a bad lawn job.  This lawn exists in front of home for sale, a home that has a […]
For Homeowners Fixing Up Your Home to Sell? Call Your Real Estate Agent First. Getting ready to sell your home and needing to get it in show condition? There was a great article filled with tips on what to fix to get your home ready in last week’s Seattle Times. But there was one important thing I disagreed with in the article. So before you call a real-estate agent, […]
Architecture Latest Cost Effective New Products for Your Home Remodel A big part of my job as a Realtor is to help home sellers prepare their homes for the market by giving people ways to add value to their home so they’ll get the highest sales price. I’m constantly looking for different and cost effective ways to give sellers options for updating a home. I […]
For Buyers Top Ten Structural Items to Check When Preparing Your Home For Sale Since I’ve been busy telling people now is the time to sell a home if planning to sell in 2010, I thought I’d bring up a friendly reminder about some of the top things to do around your home before you go on the market.  This is by no means a complete list, but it […]