Architecture Midcentury Modern Meets Eco-Friendly Home Design I’m passionate about “green” living, sustainability, eco-friendly and mid-century modern design.  I’ve been lucky to be able to pursue these interests on various trips to Palm Springs, CA, which is a hub of mid-century modern design.  Back in February, I was down in the California desert during Palm Springs Modernism Week.  It’s a fun week […]
Architecture You've Been to Downtown Bellevue, But Have You Really Seen Downtown Bellevue? Do you think of downtown Bellevue as a drive-through from the highway to the mall? I bet most Eastsiders zoom along NE 8th to the mall. Most have probably never walked around downtown Bellevue.   This should not come as a surprise, since downtown Bellevue was designed to accommodate a car culture. I’ve lived on Seattle’s […]
Architecture Cool Universal Design Could Save Home Buyers Money In The Long Run Let’s face it, buying a home is an expensive prop0sition. There are different ways to try to save some money when buying a home.  One of the issues I see is home buyers not thinking of the future when buying a home. Home buyers don’t think about how a home could save them money over […]
Architecture Latest Cost Effective New Products for Your Home Remodel A big part of my job as a Realtor is to help home sellers prepare their homes for the market by giving people ways to add value to their home so they’ll get the highest sales price. I’m constantly looking for different and cost effective ways to give sellers options for updating a home. I […]
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