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Eastside Real Estate The Strong Real Estate Market Continued Through July on Seattle’s Eastside How hot was the Seattle Eastside real estate market in July? The market was still hot, even if our summer has only been hot the last couple of weeks! Ironically, it looks like July was almost a mirror image of June. Real estate stats for the two months are almost the same.   The exact same […]
Bellevue Real Estate The Seattle-Eastside Condo Market is Amazing! Our amazing Seattle-Eastside real estate continues! How low can the supply of eastside condos go?  In July there were only 463 condos for sale all over the Eastside, less than half the number of condos for sale in July of 2011!  The supply is low and the prices have dropped considerably over the last few […]
Bellevue Real Estate Strong Signs Continue for a Positive Real Estate Market on Seattle’s Eastside How hot was the Seattle Eastside real estate market in June?  In May I mentioned the market stats over the next few months would dictate whether Seattle-eastside real estate will remain a hot seller's market.  In May I asked the following questions about Seattle eastside real estate.  Now I'm asking those same questions about June's […]
Bellevue Real Estate Were June Condo Sales on Seattle’s Eastside Still Hot? What an amazing condo market on Seattle's Eastside!  Since June of 2011, the number of condos for sale has continued to drop, and drop by alot.    Last June there were 1139 condos for sale and this June there are less than 500!  What a huge difference!  Not only are there fewer condos for sale, […]
Bellevue Real Estate May Was a Strong Real Estate Market on Seattle’s Eastside With a 46% chance of getting a home sold in May, home sellers in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and other eastside cities had great odds of getting their home sold. We saw a slight uptick in the number of homes for sale, but that did not change the fast paced nature of the market.  When almost […]
Bellevue Real Estate Was May The Best for Condo Sales on Seattle’s Eastside in the Last 5 Years? Even fewer condos were on the market in May on Seattle eastside and sales were still strong.  There were 6 fewer sales, but because there were fewer condos for sale, a slightly higher percentage sold. Slightly over 44% of the available condos sold in May, which could very well be the best odds of selling […]
Bellevue Real Estate How Do You Go From For Sale To Sold on Seattle’s Eastside?   How  do you get from “for sale” to “sold?” It’s the price!  Even though the real estate market in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and other eastside cities is red hot, the price is still critical to getting a “sold” sign posted on the “for sale’ sign in your front yard. Almost half, 48%, of the […]
Bellevue, WA The Real Estate Sales Numbers in Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue Continue to Be Fabulous This tells it like it is in the Seattle area real estate market.  The entire region, with the exception of Vashon Island in yellow, is a sellers market, which is indicated by the color red.  The top sales rate, not the most sales, once again goes to Redmond and East Bellevue near Microsoft.  In March, […]
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Bellevue, WA April Showers Brought Lots of Real Estate Sales to Seattle’s Eastside   The Seattle eastside real estate market is still hot! Real estate sales’ numbers on Seattle’s Eastside are terrific.  April sales numbers were similar to March when 46% of the available homes sold.  In April, because there were about 100 more homes for sale, the odds of selling dropped slightly to 42% sold.  Home sellers […]
Bellevue Real Estate Condo Real Estate Sales Are Blooming All Over Seattle’s Eastside, But Should You Sell?   The  Seattle eastside condo market sales are still great.  Sales numbers for April were similar to those in March, which is good news. Thirty-seven percent of the available condos sold in April of this year, whereas in March, 39% sold.   March and April have been the best months to sell a condo in Bellevue, […]
Bellevue, WA Real Estate Sales in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond, Etc Are Hot!   Red is busting out all over the map of Seattle Real Estate Sales!  Red means it’s a sellers market in which homes, on average, are selling in less than 3 months!  The numbers are really strong in all of the eastside cities, but top sales go to the 80% sales rate in Redmond and […]
Bellevue Real Estate Seattle Eastside Condo Sales are Popping!   The  Seattle eastside condo market is pretty incredible. Thirty-nine percent of the available condos sold in March of this year.  Quite an eye popping number, since the high for last year happened when 20% of the available condos sold in a month.    Sales are up and supply is down, causing the huge increase in […]
Bellevue, WA A Stampede for Homes in Bellevue, Kirkland and other Eastside Cities in March The chart tells it all!  Look at the huge, and I mean huge, jump in sales over the past few months, a 56% increase in sales since January.  Forty-six percent of the available homes sold in March. There’s a big stampede out there for homes in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and other eastside cities. This stampede […]
Bellevue, WA A Booming Real Estate Market in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond And Other Eastside Cities in February, 2012 The February Real Estate Map shows a strong sellers market. Multiple offers, low supply of homes, a huge percentage of homes selling in a short amount of time, all are happening in the eastside communities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Woodinville, and Bothell.  This is an exciting trend that we expect will continue as long as […]
Eastside Real Estate The Seattle Eastside Condo Market Was Great in February, 2012     If you have a condo to sell on Seattle’s eastside, now is a great time to put it on the market. If you’ve hoped to move and have felt as if you couldn’t do so over the last few years, things are different now.  Competition among sellers has dropped dramatically, because there are […]
Bellevue, WA Multiple Offers for Seattle Eastside Homes in February 2012!   The Seattle-eastside real estate market was hot in February. Buyers were lining up and multiple offers were often the norm.  Multiple offers? Yes, multiple offers.   When I check listings each day, I notice there are many homes that sell within a matter of days. Most days when I check listings, I’ve noticed they’re […]
Bellevue Real Estate How Was The Real Estate Market In Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and Other Eastside Cities At The Start of 2012?   What a difference a month makes!  The January Real Estate Map shows a “Seller’s Advantage” in our market! There’s a lot of  “red” on the above Seattle area real estate map!  There’s more “red” than we’ve seen in years, and I mean years.  What does the “red” mean?  It means it’s a seller’s market. […]
Eastside Real Estate How Was The Seattle Eastside Condo Market in December 2011? Seattle Eastside condo inventory dipped to 2011’s lowest point in December, 2011.   The year began and ended with under 1000 condos for sale.   The number of available eastside condos peaked in June with well over 1100 condos for sale.    The peak was never really much of a peak when we look at […]
Bellevue Real Estate 2011 Ends With The Fewest Homes for Sale in 4 Years on Seattle’s Eastside How Many Homes Sold on Seattle’s Eastside in December, 2011?   We have to go back before the bubble burst to February 2007 to find so few homes for sale on Seattle’s eastside!  There’s a healthy number of homes for sale on the eastside, 1897 at the close of December, so there are good choices […]
Bellevue, WA How Was The Real Estate Market In Your Seattle-Eastside City in December 2011? The December Real Estate Map Showing a Balanced Market Between Buyers and Sellers   The cities below are grouped together to follow our MLS areas (multiple listing service).  This is how our statistics are reported. How was real estate market in your Seattle-Eastside city in December, 2011? 1. Redmond/East Bellevue The odds of selling a […]