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Bellevue, WA The Top Ten Remodeling Mistakes for Seattle Eastside Homes   There are a million stories in Seattle about great remodeling projects that increase the livability and value of a home.  I’ve written a few myself over the years.   Rarely does anyone write about what you should NOT do when remodeling a home. One caveat here, what plays in Peoria does not necessarily play […]
For Buyers Increase Your Home's Value with a Spa-Like Shower Recently,  I wrote a post about whether it’s important to have a 5 piece bath, meaning a bath with a shower, tub, 2 sinks, and a toilet.  I asked the question because a past client was thinking of moving his laundry upstairs to the master bath in place of the tub. His goal: To put […]
Architecture Midcentury Modern Meets Eco-Friendly Home Design I’m passionate about “green” living, sustainability, eco-friendly and mid-century modern design.  I’ve been lucky to be able to pursue these interests on various trips to Palm Springs, CA, which is a hub of mid-century modern design.  Back in February, I was down in the California desert during Palm Springs Modernism Week.  It’s a fun week […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Happy Valentine's Day-Keep Loving Your Home Do you love your home? Keep loving it by taking good care of it.  Become a fan of my Facebook Fan Page which is dedicated to home ownership.  I post about energy savings, green living, housing trends, and all things that are “house” related. Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for your honey?  […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Do You Want to Buy a Home This Year? Think of the Hot "New" Trends Some people will buy a home in 2011. These buyers will move for more space, downsize for less space or relocate, the typical  reasons to make a move.  If you’re buying in 2011,  think about selling that home in the future. Make an investment that works for now and for later.  It’s important now, more […]
For Homeowners Make More Money Selling Your Home, Part 5, Moldings and Doors Make more money selling your home is my series on getting your home sold, not just getting it ready to sell, but getting it sold. These posts are a series of suggestions for things you can do to update your home before you sell it.  Updated homes sell faster and for more money than homes […]
Architecture Latest Cost Effective New Products for Your Home Remodel A big part of my job as a Realtor is to help home sellers prepare their homes for the market by giving people ways to add value to their home so they’ll get the highest sales price. I’m constantly looking for different and cost effective ways to give sellers options for updating a home. I […]
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