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For Buyers Will Recent Foreclosure News Affect Washington State Real Estate? Is your head spinning with questions about foreclosures? I’ve had three clients ask me how the foreclosure process will affect real estate sales in Washington State.  I’m not sure anyone can answer that question completely right now.  This week I heard an NPR news story about mortgage backed securities now asking banks take back certain […]
Financing Is there a 3.8% Real Estate Sales Tax Coming? Yes, But Mostly No A 3.8% Sales Tax when selling a home? My client had heard about this from a friend last week.  He emailed me the other to day ask if the health care bill included a 3.8% sales tax when selling a home.  I was pretty sure this was not exactly right, but thought I should check […]
For Buyers What Were The Odds of Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Condo in June, 2010? (The absorption rate, the percentage of condos selling, is the number of condos for sale in any given month divided by the actual number of condos sold that month.  So if the absorption rate or chance of selling is 10% that means out of 100 condos for sale, 10 received offers and sold.) June, 2010                   1487 condos for sale     […]
Bellevue Real Estate There's No "Red" on The June, 2010 Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Map There’s no “red” on the Seattle-eastside real estate map, which means there were no seller’s markets in June, 2010.  The Seattle-eastside real estate market has turned “yellow” for a market balanced between buyers and sellers,  and “green.”  “Green” on the map indicates a buyer’s market.  It’s not surprising to me that certain areas stay as […]
Financing Interest Rates Are The Lowest in the Last 30 Years I remember when I bought my first home in the mid 1980’s.  I was so excited, the interest rate was at the bottom of the double digits, considering what the early 80’s had to offer with rates in the high teens.  I had friends who purchased in Brooklyn, NY in the early 80’s and were […]
Bellevue Real Estate "Green" is Back on the Seattle-Eastside's Real Estate Map, May, 2010 During May “green” crept back into a number of Seattle areas.  One large area on the eastside, Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore, Duvall, and north Kirkland was “green,” back as a buyer’s market. April  was the first month in a very long time in which there was no ” green,” no buyers’ markets in almost all the […]
Bellevue Real Estate What Were The Odds of Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Home in May, 2010? The odds of selling a home on the Eastside in May, 2010 ranged from a low of 12% to a high of 20%, with an average 16.5% absorption rate.  Contrast this with April, 2010 odds with a low of 20% to a high of 35%, averaging a 27% absorption rate. May’s numbers look more like […]
For Buyers Are You Painting or Remodeling? New Lead Paint Laws For Homes Built Before 1978 Was your home built before 1978? If so, then if you do any painting or remodeling you or your contractor have to follow new federal guidelines for painting and renovating homes built before 1978. From The Wall Street Journal: As of late last month, businesses that repair or renovate older buildings—specifically homes, schools and daycare […]
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