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2010 Home buyer Tax Credit Is The Seattle Eastside Home Sales Race Soon to Be On? Everyone who has wanted to sell on Seattle’s eastside in the last few years seems wants to sell in the next 60 days, including me. I know some home sellers Angie Bondurant, my business partner, and I will be representing  have been madly getting their homes ready to sell.   I bet contractors on Seattle’s eastside […]
Architecture Latest Cost Effective New Products for Your Home Remodel A big part of my job as a Realtor is to help home sellers prepare their homes for the market by giving people ways to add value to their home so they’ll get the highest sales price. I’m constantly looking for different and cost effective ways to give sellers options for updating a home. I […]
Boomer issues Universal Design or "Aging In Place"-Find Out More At The Seattle Home Show “Aging in place?” Yes, we’re all aging, even as we just stand in place, but “aging in place” is really about growing older safely and comfortably in the familiar surroundings of your home.  Since no one gets out of “here” without aging first, except Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this post […]
For Buyers Predictions for 2010 Seattle Real Estate From Local Economist The first part of 2010 is going to be the best part of the year for Seattle area real estate. This was the message over 2000 Windermere Real Estate agents heard at last week’s kick off meeting held at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall.    The good news, according to economist Matthew Gardner, is “the recession is behind […]
Built Green and Sustainable Living Should Cul-De-Sacs Be Banned From Future Development In Washington? There aren’t going to be any more cul-de-sacs in new developments in the State of Virginia. Yes, Virginia will have no more cul-de-sacs.  Cul-de-sacs have been banned from new neighborhood developments.    Cul-de-sacs are the quintessential icon of the 1980’s-2000’s American suburb. Here on Seattle’s eastside, new neighborhoods were generally built all over with cul-de-sacs sprinkled […]
For Buyers Top Ten Structural Items to Check When Preparing Your Home For Sale Since I’ve been busy telling people now is the time to sell a home if planning to sell in 2010, I thought I’d bring up a friendly reminder about some of the top things to do around your home before you go on the market.  This is by no means a complete list, but it […]
2010 Home buyer Tax Credit The Clock is Ticking on the Real Estate Trifecta Who knows where the time goes? (“Who Knows Where the Time Goes”- written by Sandy Denny, but made famous by Judy Collins) Sometimes it seems like the past has gone in the blink of an eye.  Ironically, it feels exactly the opposite when we think of the future.  It’s human nature to think there’s all […]
2009 stimulus package What Were The Odds of Selling Your Seattle-Eastside Condo in December, 2009? (The absorption rate, the percentage of condos selling, is the number of condos for sale in any given month divided by the actual number of condos sold that month.  So if the absorption rate or chance of selling is 10% that means out of 100 condos for sale, 10 received offers and sold.) December. 2009           1174 condos for sale,    […]
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